Assistance systems

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Assistance systems such as parking assistance or Park Distance Control have become an integral part of vehicle equipment. The system provides acoustic feedback when approaching obstacles and indicates a reduced distance by increasing the frequency. Everyone knows, right?

Things then become more complicated with systems that increase driving stability, such as the anti-blocker system (ABS), which shortens braking distances, or the electronic stability program (ESP), which increases directional stability when cornering quickly. These systems are on board in almost all current vehicles and can fail or be disrupted over time due to, for example, dirty or worn sensors. We take care of the function of these important assistants in our master workshop and ensure that you have a worry-free journey again.

There are also assistants that increase driving comfort: these include the cruise control system (tempomat), which in its passive version simply maintains a speed or, in the active version, also keeps an eye on the traffic in front and ensures a constant distance from them. By reducing or increasing the speed, the system is able to maintain distances and recognize dangerous walking situations and avoid accidents.

There is also a blind spot assistant, which shows you whether there is a vehicle in the blind spot behind you by lighting up a small LED. This system can be retrofitted in our workshop. For information about this, please visit our shop or send us an inquiry using our contact form .

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