Inspection & Maintenance

The foundation for a long car life:

Regular and professional maintenance is the foundation for a long car life. Our master workshop is not only well-equipped and up to date thanks to our highly qualified specialist staff, but also technically. State-of-the-art diagnostic systems, which can read all vehicle brands and types, help our employees to find faults and also to carry out successful repairs.

Even maintenance that occurs very rarely in the life of a car is our daily routine. Have you ever had your automatic transmission flushed?

We'll explain to you why you should do this in this video!

We carry out all inspections according to the manufacturer's specifications - so you are on the safe side when it comes to guarantee and warranty issues.

In addition, we only use spare parts of original manufacturer quality. Our suppliers have thousands of items that can ideally be delivered to us on the same working day. From us you get the best parts at fair prices with fast delivery. For us, it is of course good form to check the fluid levels such as oil, washer fluid, coolant, brake fluid or servo oil. Tire treads are also checked for depth and wear. To ensure clear visibility, we also check the wiper blades and light bulbs or lighting elements in the headlights.

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