Oil service

This means everything is running smoothly again!

There are just as many opinions on the subject of oil and oil changes as there are on the subject of electromobility. 5W-30, 0W-20 or 10W-40 for my diesel? And what do petrol engines tolerate best? How viscous should an engine oil be for driving on the Nordschleife? How often should I change my oil and what do you think of “long-life intervals”?

Liqui-Moly, Ravenol, Castrol or would you rather Car1?

That's up to you! Our employees will advise you in detail and comprehensively on the subject of motor oil; which is the right lubricant for you? Should you perhaps use another additive to remove deposits in the engine and combustion system? And what about the warranty and guarantee on my new car?

To say this in advance: In Germany you have a free choice of workshop! This means that an oil change that is carried out in an independent workshop according to the manufacturer's specifications and with manufacturer approvals for the oil has no effect on the guarantee and warranty of your new or used vehicle.

How often should you change an oil?

We recommend an oil change every 10,000km or once a year. Most manufacturers take a more relaxed view of this and recommend maintenance intervals of 20,000 - 30,000 km and a period of 24 - 36 months. The motto here is: the more often, the better!

A regular oil change is the cornerstone for a smooth and long engine life!

If you have any questions about oil and oil changes, please call us on: 0 23 73 / 59 49 or send us a message using our contact form.

We look forward to receiving your inquiries!