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I'm spinning the wheel!

"The area of ​​the vehicle that is in contact with the road is only four postcards in size" - We have all heard this saying before and it is intended to illustrate how important tires are for safety and driving stability. That's exactly how we see it! A good tire doesn't have to be expensive, but there are parts of the vehicle that you shouldn't save on. This definitely includes the tires.

Summer, winter or all-season tires?

Many customers ask us this question and we are happy to answer it in detail. Basically, you can ask yourself the following questions:

- How many kilometers do I drive per year?

- Do I live in a region where it snows or freezes frequently and for long periods of time?

- Do I want to buy two different sets of wheels and change them twice a year?

- Or would I prefer to change them less often, but accept the increased wear and tear of driving the tires all year round?

As with so many topics in the automotive sector, it is a question of faith.

Many of our customers enjoy the luxury of not having to worry about changing wheels and tires and rely on all-season tires in the relatively mild climate of the western Sauerland and early Ruhr area. These are a very good choice for driving distances of up to 10,000 km per year and when there is little winter and ice. An all-season tire is also a good companion for a ski or summer vacation, but keep in mind that it is a compromise of both worlds and you have increased wear on the tire because it is used all year round and not just for one season Year.

Changing between summer and winter tires.

There are also two options when changing:

1. You have two sets of wheels and you change them completely. So you change wheels!

2. You have two sets of tires and have them mounted and removed from the existing rims at the change of season. You just change the tires!

This saves money when purchasing the rims - you only need one set instead of two, but it also increases wear on the tires due to repeated installation.

If you drive so much that you only use a tire for two to three years, then this solution will not pose any problems.

However, if you have a low mileage and have to remove and reinstall the tire several times, we would advise against this solution.

With us you will find the right one!

Even if it's just the right tire, but who knows where it will take you and who you will meet there...

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We look forward to receiving your inquiries!