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CAR1 engine oil SAE 5W-30 Longlife III

CAR1 engine oil SAE 5W-30 Longlife III

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5W30 Longlife III is a HC-synthetic high-performance low-friction engine oil for gasoline and diesel engines in cars, with low sulfur, ash and phosphorus content (low SAP). It is for modern car engines with the latest technology, especially with exhaust aftertreatment from the manufacturers BMW, Mercedes-Benz and VW/Audi. The oil extends the life of the exhaust gas purification systems and maintains their functionality.

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CAR1 engine oil SAE 5W-30 Longlife III

Product Information

  • Contents [liters]: 1
  • Container type: bottle
  • SAE viscosity grade: 5W-30
  • Specification: ACEA: C3
  • Oil: low-friction oil


  • MB release 229.51
  • VW standard 504 00 / 507 00
  • BMW Longlife 04