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Liqui Moly

LIQUI MOLY Pro-Line diesel filter additive - 500ml

LIQUI MOLY Pro-Line diesel filter additive - 500ml

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Cleans the fuel system and injectors in a highly concentrated manner. Ensures easier engine starting and quieter engine running. Protects the entire fuel system from corrosion and improves the lubricating properties of the fuel. For better fuel atomization thanks to cleaner nozzles. This saves fuel, ensures better combustion and reduces the risk of damage.

Suitable for all diesel engines. Use when changing the diesel fuel filter. Quantity used: 500 ml.

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LIQUI MOLY diesel engine system cleaner

Product Information

  • 300 ml is sufficient for 70 liters of fuel. Has a long-term effect of 2,000 km. Can be added to the fuel at any time as mixing occurs automatically.