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Liqui Moly

LIQUI MOLY Pro-Line injector and glow plug remover - 400ml

LIQUI MOLY Pro-Line injector and glow plug remover - 400ml

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High-performance solvent for stuck injectors, glow and spark plugs. Infiltrates dirt and corrosion and enables easy removal. Thanks to its excellent cleaning properties, it effortlessly removes caked-on oil residues, gum deposits and dirt crusts.
For loosening stuck injectors, glow and spark plugs.
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LIQUI MOLY Pro-Line throttle body cleaner

Product Information

Provide direct access to the throttle valve. Start the engine to begin cleaning.

Spray throttle valve cleaner over the entire area of ​​the throttle valve using a spray probe in short intervals of 2-3 seconds at at least 2,000 revolutions.

If the engine cannot maintain speed or cannot be started when the intake pipe is removed, disconnect the plug from the air mass meter with the ignition switched off. In this case, the stored error must be deleted from the engine control unit after cleaning using a suitable diagnostic device and the air mass sensor must be retrained if necessary.

If a speed fluctuation of more than 1,000 revolutions occurs during application, it is important to shorten the spray intervals. Please note that the throttle valve cleaner must not come into contact with the air mass sensor or painted components.

If there are stubborn deposits on the throttle valve, intake manifold or intake valves, cleaning can be repeated with a second can. After use, let the motor run at min. for approx. 20 seconds.
Run 2,000 revolutions to burn off any residue left in the intake system.