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RAVENOL FEL SAE 5W-30 is a synthetic Mid SAPS low-friction engine oil with CleanSynto® technology for car gasoline and diesel engines with and without turbocharging and direct injection.

RAVENOL FEL SAE 5W-30 is based on additives with a low ash content that are designed for use in modern car diesel engines as well as for car gasoline engines with optimal cold start properties, low oil consumption and reduced pollutant emissions. Extends the service life of diesel particulate filter DPF and 3-way catalytic converter TWC. HTHS >2.9mPa*s. Developed to save fuel in Euro IV and EURO V engines with normal and extended oil change intervals (possible up to 50,000 km or 2 years).

RAVENOL FEL SAE 5W-30 achieves a high viscosity index thanks to its formulation with special base oils. The excellent cold start behavior ensures optimal lubrication security in the cold running phase.

By significantly saving fuel, RAVENOL FEL SAE 5W-30 contributes to protecting the environment by reducing emissions.

RAVENOL FEL SAE 5W-30 minimizes friction, wear and fuel consumption and has excellent cold start properties.

Extended oil change intervals according to manufacturer instructions.

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  • Fuel savings in partial and full load operation
  • Excellent wear protection and high viscosity index also provide protection
    High-speed driving conditions increase the longevity of the engine.
  • Excellent cold start properties even at low temperatures below -25°C.
  • A safe lubricating film at high operating temperatures.
  • Low tendency to evaporate, resulting in low oil consumption.
  • No oil-related deposits in combustion chambers, in the piston ring zone and on valves.
  • Neutrality towards sealing materials.
  • Extended oil change intervals protect natural resources.

Oil Type: Synthetic


RAVENOL FEL SAE 5W-30 is a universal, fuel-saving, specially formulated engine oil for modern gasoline and car diesel engines with and without turbochargers in cars and vans with extended oil change intervals. Extends the life of the particle filter.
The special formulation makes RAVENOL FEL SAE 5W-30 ideal for use with the specified OEM requirements.



  • ACEA C2,
  • API CF,
  • APISN,
  • JASO DL-1


  • Fiat 9.55535-S1
  • Honda i-CTDi
  • Honda i-DTEC
  • IVECO 18-1811 CLASS SC1
  • Mazda MZ CD
  • Mazda 183418
  • Mazda 183419
  • Mazda CiTD
  • Mazda MZR CD
  • PSA B71 2290
  • Subaru Boxer
  • Diesel
  • Suzuki
  • Toyota 08880-83388
  • Toyota 08880-83389