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RAVENOL saw chain oil S 85

RAVENOL saw chain oil S 85

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RAVENOL saw chain oil S 85 is a tried and tested product in motor chainsaws.

RAVENOL Saw Chain Oil S 85 is designed on the basis of refined base oils with specially selected additive combinations. This results in excellent adhesion with very good temperature behavior and good lubricating properties.

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RAVENOL saw chain oil S 85


  • high adhesion
  • good wear protection
  • reliable corrosion protection
  • good temperature behavior, even at low temperatures
  • very good cooling effect
  • neutral behavior towards sealing materials
  • neutral behavior towards plastics and paints


RAVENOL saw chain oil S 85 is ideal for summer and winter use. The very good one
Cooling effect ensures minimal wear at optimal cutting speed. This product behaves neutrally and at the same time well towards sealing materials, plastics and paints
Corrosion protection.



  • Motor chainsaws of all makes


  • Agricultural machinery, hobbies and gardening