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RAVENOL SSV Fuel Economy SAE 0W-30

RAVENOL SSV Fuel Economy SAE 0W-30

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RAVENOL SSV Fuel Economy SAE 0W-30 is a PAO (polyalphaolefin) based, fully synthetic engine oil with special USVO® and proven CleanSynto® technology for car engines (petrol and diesel) with and without turbocharging and direct injection.

Through USVO® technology we achieve extremely high viscosity stability. We avoid the disadvantages of polymeric viscosity improvers and at the same time use their advantages. In doing so, we improve engine protection, performance, optimize engine cleanliness and extend oil change intervals. The USVO® technology ensures that the product has no shear losses during the entire change interval and is extremely stable to oxidation. This unique technology helps supply oil to the engine parts that need to be lubricated more quickly, thereby minimizing friction while keeping the engine clean and efficient.

Thanks to its new formulation, RAVENOL SSV Fuel Economy SAE 0W-30 achieves a safe lubricating layer even at very high operating temperatures and protects against corrosion and oil loss due to evaporation (oxidation) or coking. The excellent cold start behavior ensures optimal lubrication security in the cold running phase.

By significantly saving fuel, RAVENOL SSV Fuel Economy SAE 0W-30 contributes to protecting the environment by reducing emissions.

RAVENOL SSV Fuel Economy SAE 0W-30 ensures that friction, wear and fuel consumption are minimized and has excellent cold start properties.

Extended oil change intervals according to manufacturer instructions.

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RAVENOL SSV Fuel Economy SAE 0W-30


  • Universal use in all modern gasoline and diesel engines.
  • Fast oiling of the engine, even at temperatures below -30°C.
  • Low tendency to evaporate, resulting in low oil consumption.
  • Safety against sludge, corking, varnish and corrosion even under unfavorable operating conditions.
  • The function of the hydraulic tappets is guaranteed at all temperatures.
  • No oil-related deposits in combustion chambers, in the piston ring zone and on valves.
  • Unchanged viscosity throughout the oil change interval, high viscosity index.
  • Neutrality towards sealing materials.
  • Miscible with all commercially available engine oils. Rinsing runs are not necessary.


  • Fully synthetic


RAVENOL SSV Fuel Economy SAE 0W-30 is a universal,
fuel-saving motor oil, a top product for car petrol and diesel engines. Suitable for gasoline and car diesel engines with and without turbocharging as a fully synthetic all-season engine oil.



  • ACEA A5/B5
  • API SL


  • MB release 229.6
  • VOLVO VCC 95200377