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SONAX SX90 PLUS - 400ml

SONAX SX90 PLUS - 400ml

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The ideal problem solver for cars, hobbies, households, businesses and workshops: loosens rusted or stuck parts (e.g. nuts, screws and switches) and protects against renewed corrosion. Makes locks, locking cylinders, rollers, springs and metal guides move smoothly. Eliminates squeaking and creaking noises on windows, doors and hinges. Protects, lubricates and preserves sensitive parts of power tools, engines, clockworks, household and garden appliances. Can also be used for cleaning and maintaining weapons, precision mechanical devices and machines. Cleans, protects and permanently lubricates bicycle and motorcycle chains and sprockets. Suitable as a contact spray for ignition systems, displaces moisture, keeps electronic contacts clean and prevents leakage currents. Dissolves and removes tar, adhesive residue and price labels. Silicone free.
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SONAX SX90 PLUS - 400ml


Dose vor Gebrauch schütteln. Weiße Sprayersicherung abziehen. Einen dünnen Film aufsprühen. Für einen gezielten Strahl das EasySpray-Röhrchen nach oben klappen. Je nach Verwendungszweck nach einigen Minuten nochmal sprühen.


Bei Anwendung an elektrischen Teilen (z.B. Verteilerkappe) diese vorher stromlos schalten und vor Wiederzusammenbau und Inbetriebnahme Produkt 2 Min. ablüften lassen.